Here’s a quick gallery of some prototypes I’ve made. Please Get In Touch if you’re interested in something you see here. Most of these shots were taken quickly as I was working on them.

AAC Keyguard

A quick keyguard for a low-vision client. Due to the quick nature of the prototyping I was able to create these inexpensively and with additional tactile cueing devices built into the guard. Was also able to inexpensively include 3 keyguards, with 3/6/9 openings. I love making these, please do reach out if you’re interested in one!

Remote Holders

As comfortable as a curved remote control might be to hold, they are extremely difficult to use while at rest on a table. I made these for clients cerebral palsy as well as for a client with a high level spinal cord injury who utilized a typing stick. The square model was able to be attached to a flat table with Velcro.

Tactile Widgets for Keyboard

Actually did this one at the request of a music therapist for her client.