Artisan Adaptations is a new company formed with the goal of producing solutions for persons with disabilities that are custom, affordable, and durable.

Specializing in custom mounting solutions, computer input devices, and switch-adapted items has been some of the most rewarding work of my career so far, and I’d like to open up to the wider community.

Many solutions exist for adapting technology and routines for people, but they don’t work for everyone.

With a background in Occupational Therapy, an interest in human-computer interaction, and enough knowledge to innovate with hardware and firmware solutions. I’ve found new solutions for people who were underserved by the existing commercial solutions that exist in the space today.

So I’ve decided to branch out from the traditional models and start offering custom solutions for those that need them most.

Please reach out via the contact page if you have a problem that needs solving. I’d love to help.

Paul Gupta


Artisan Adaptations LLC